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Seven partners from three countries cooperate in the GreenSwitch project.

Transmission and distribution system operators from Austria, Croatia and Slovenia have a long history of excellent cross-border cooperation.

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KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH

KNG-Kärnten Netz is the largest distribution system operator for electricity and gas in Carinthia, Austria. KNG ensures a safe and reliable energy supply for its around 250.000 customers, on a daily basis. Their responsibilities include grid management and its demand-oriented expansion, maintenance of infrastructure, and efficient outage management.



Hrvatski operator prijenosnog sustava d.d.

HOPS has the exclusive right to perform the activity of electricity transmission system operator in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. It is the owner of the entire Croatian transmission grid at the 400 kV, 220 kV and 110 kV voltage levels. The company is responsible for grid development, electricity system management, and for ensuring uninterrupted electricity transmission.


HEP Operator distribucijskog sustava d.o.o.

HEP ODS is acompany in the HEP Group, and covers 21 distribution areas in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. For the needs of grid users, HEP ODS performs the service of electricity distribution, which includes access to the grid and its use. HEP ODS is responsible for the quality of supplied electricity to all end-users.



ELES, d.o.o., combined transmission and distribution system operator

ELES, as a combined transmission and distribution system operator, ensures the safe, reliable and uninterrupted transmission and distribution of electricity. ELES's responsibility is that electricity is always at hand, ensuring the consumers can meet their needs and wishes at any time.


Elektro Celje, podjetje za distribucijo električne energije, d.d.

Elektro Celje owns, designs, constructs and maintains the electrical distribution infrastructure. By providing reliable, high-quality, cost-effective and environmentally friendly electricity and modern services, Elektro Celje enables network users to develop and progress.


Elektro Gorenjska, podjetje za distribucijo električne energije, d.d.

The core activity of Elektro Gorenjska is the electricity distribution to end users. It also deals with maintenance, carries out activities in research and development, planning, and works on projects of efficient use of electricity and energy management.


Elektro Ljubljana, podjetje za distribucijo električne energije, d. d.

Elektro Ljubljana performs several network activities and provides a wide range of commercial services related to the electricity infrastructure in central and south-east Slovenia. Their qualified workers maintain the most extensive distribution network in Slovenia.