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The GreenSwitch project will invest in primary infrastructure to modernise and digitalise the distribution and transmission energy systems in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.

The GreenSwitch project will provide additional cross-border capacity and optimisation of grid operation, extending to lower voltage levels. Many new technologies and techniques will be rolled out on this project, including power-flow prediction and control systems, an optimal supply of physical islands and an advanced approach to providing distribution grid resilience through cross-border connection. These technologies and techniques will secure customers’ energy supplies in border areas in emergency conditions. Cross-sector integration in mobility and heating is also a rare example of innovative technology implementation in the power system.

Increasing operational efficiency and transmission grid controllability in Croatia and Slovenia
  • Installation of new technologies in the Slovenian and Croatian transmission grids (such as power control systems).
  • Installation of HTLS (High-Temperature Low-Sag conductors).
  • Upgrade of DTR (Dynamic Thermal Rating).
  • Integration of all new components into the SCADA/EMS (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Energy Management System).
  • The Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS) in Croatia will be upgraded to improve the security of supply and quality of service - including new transmission system applications and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure.
Sector-coupling integration (power, heat, mobility) in Slovenia
  • Implementation of grid connections for both heavy-duty and fast charging stations.
  • Implementation of waste-heat extraction systems from 11 power transformers.
Increasing distribution grid efficiency, security of supply, and cross-border and renewable energy sources (RES) hosting capacity in the distribution grids of Austria, Croatia and Slovenia
  • Automation and upgrade of seven high voltage (HV) / middle voltage (MV) primary and secondary substations.
  • Upgrade of Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) functionalities.
  • Installation of HTLS conductors on MV overhead lines (OHL).
  • Integration of smart grid elements and the modernisation of ICT networks.
  • Closing of MV loops.
  • Installation of four MV shunt reactors.
  • Cross-border emergency connections.