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The GreenSwitch project will increase controllability and strengthen the power networks in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.


Distributed renewable sources, heating and increased peak consumption by electric vehicles have recently become challenging due to the rise in power flows on the distribution and transmission grid. Operators are, therefore, now facing higher investment demands.

Partners from Austria, Croatia and Slovenia have balanced the opportunities and risks associated with a modern cross-border approach to grid development and decided that (due to extraordinary challenges, limited resources, high compatibility and interconnections) they could be more efficient by solving the problems together. Coordination and optimisation between smaller systems had already been proven through the SINCRO.GRID, state-of-the-art, smart-grid project.

Main goals
Enable the integration of an increasing amount of dispersed renewable energy sources and new loads.
Improve observability of the distribution network.
Improve supply quality.
Optimal use of the infrastructure.

Expected impacts

  • Increased controllability of the transmission grid.

  • Heat production from at least 11 power transformers per year.

  • Increased hosting capacity of the existing network.

  • Increased cross-border capacity.

  • Better utilisation of existing MV/LV transformers.

  • Lower peak demand using flexibility sources.

  • Grid connection for both heavy-duty and fast charging stations.

Project Profile

  • Duration: 2023-2028
  • Value of investment: 146.2 mio €
  • Value of co-financing: 73.1 mio €
  • Source of co-financing: European Commission (CEF)