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Increasing controllability and strengthening the power networks.

GreenSwitch will optimise use of the existing power infrastructure and allow the integration of new technologies and advanced functionalities in the transmission and distribution networks in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.

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Main goals
Enable the integration of an increasing amount of dispersed renewable energy sources and new loads.
Improve observability of the distribution network.
Improve supply quality.
Optimal use of the infrastructure.


The GreenSwitch project will provide additional cross-border capacity and optimisation of grid operation, extending to lower voltage levels. Many new technologies and techniques will be rolled out on this project, including power-flow prediction and control systems, an optimal supply of physical islands and an advanced approach to providing distribution grid resilience through cross-border connection.

The result will be a grid that is better-prepared for the expected large additional loads and renewable energy sources.


Increasing operational efficiency and transmission grid controllability in Croatia and Slovenia
Sector-coupling integration (power, heat, mobility) in Slovenia
Increasing distribution grid efficiency, security of supply, and cross-border and renewable energy sources (RES) hosting capacity in the distribution grids of Austria, Croatia and Slovenia

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Transmission and distribution systems and network operators from Austria, Croatia and Slovenia have a long history of cooperation, both cross-border between TSOs and between DSOs, and within each country between TSO and DSO.

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